Which Pool is the Right Pool?

In the article 10 Things to Consider Before Building a Pool, we stated that building a pool is a commitment and listed important considerations. The first question – why do I want a pool? – is just the beginning. To figure out which pool is the right pool for your home, you need to answer a few more questions:  who’s going to use the pool, how will the pool really be used, and how is our household use going to change over time.

Why do I want a pool?

Perhaps you’re looking to add perceived value to your home, update your home to meet the market trends in your neighborhood, or simply want to carve out a unique oasis space you can call your own. Whatever the reason, knowing why you want a pool will help you decide which pool to build.

Who’s going to use the pool?

The needs of a family with very young children can be quite different from those of adults entertaining large groups of people. Active teens will jump around and splash a lot more than a retired couple looking to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. The ages, interests, and swimming abilities of the primary pool users in your household should be considered in the design stage of your pool.

How will the pool really be used?

In answering why you want a pool and who’s going to use it, you’ll discover how the pool will be used. The ages, interests, and varying abilities within your family and close friends matter. Lap swimmers don’t want benches in the way, a shallow lap lane is useless for a diver, and large backyard barbecues get soggy without enough patio space. You’ll be the most satisfied with the final design if you determine usage in advance and your builder will be able to recommend the best construction materials to meet your needs.

How is our household use going to change over time?

Little toddlers grow into big teenagers, teenagers become young adults, active adults eventually retire. Your current needs matter, but look ahead to the future to anticipate the inevitable changes. Your builder can help you visualize potential updates or easy additions that you can plan for.

The answers to all these questions will overlap one another and will help you and your builder plan the right pool. For more information on how a pool can affect a home’s value, things to think about before building, and how to choose a pool builder, check out the other articles in our series: