How Pools Increase Property Values

One of the biggest questions a homeowner typically asks when considering whether or not to build a pool is how their home’s value will be affected — it’s an important question, no matter what budget you’ve got to work within. While the answer depends a great deal on the state in which the home is located, it’s safe to say that Arizona property owners have the advantage over the rest of the country.

3 Important Factors

The three biggest factors in determining a pool’s added value are climate, resale value, and perceived value. When we look at those three factors, it’s easy to see how Arizona homeowners come out ahead.


Phoenix has an average of 296 sunny days a year! Our blistering summers and mild winters allow us a nearly year-round swimming season. Sure, we get teased by the rest of the country during the most brutal parts of July and August, but the fact remains that pool owners here can take a soothing dip to cool off. Pools today can be built to take advantage of solar energy and off-peak energy prices and are a great way to beat the desert heat.

Increased Resale Value

According to USNews and the National Association of Realtors, homeowners in the Southwest can easily see an 8-11% increase in property values when they add an attractive pool. It’s a good idea to research the typical amenities in your neighborhood, as well as the current housing market trends. You don’t want to overspend by building something over the top that doesn’t fit your area, and you certainly don’t want to get stuck if buyers aren’t able to spend on a home in your neighborhood. To get the most bang for your buck, consider the size and shape of your yard, the overall landscape design (which can easily be modified during the design phase of a pool installation), and maintenance habits (decide if you’ll have a pool service or maintain it yourself). A little planning can help you see a real return on your investment when it’s time to sell your home.

Perceived Value

Perhaps the most underrated factor, yet the most obvious, is the perceived value a pool offers. For many people, a pool is still perceived as a luxury, but in an upscale neighborhood, a pool might very well be considered a necessity. Ask any realtor what happens when a prospective buyer sees an attractive, well-designed pool — they can see the daydreams of poolside parties and relaxing late afternoons. Whatever your budget, it’s possible to build an attractive pool appropriate to your needs. Arizona’s plentiful sunshine and real resale returns mean that a pool is now attainable and affordable, not just a luxury.

We live in a fantastic state where you can enjoy the advantages and beauty of a pool year round. In addition to the monetary value a pool can add to your home, the perceived value is tangible.

If you’re ready to discover what a pool can do for your home’s value and your everyday living experience, give us a call — we’d love to talk to you.