Spring Swim Check-up!

Get Your Pool Swim-Ready in 5 Easy Steps

As the weather warms up, it’s tempting to jump right in – though the Valley of the Sun is known for mild winters, pool owners are still wise to do a little Spring Cleaning before taking that first dip. Our 5 easy steps will have your pool swim-ready in plenty of time to beat those triple-digit temperatures that are just around the corner.

Step 1 – Visual Inspection

You’re looking for anything that might be broken, cracked, leaking, corroding, or otherwise not working properly and for any algae or mineral scale. Now is the time to replace broken baskets, leaking valves, and cracked chlorine tablet dispensers. If you use a pool service, tag along with your provider and have him/her show you any areas of concern. Common areas that may need repairs or replacements include: tiles, pump valves, pipes, baskets, pool lights, and the power box. You’ll also want to run the pool pump to be sure it’s operating correctly and quietly.

Step 2 – Test the Water

Many pool stores will test a water sample for free and can help direct you to the right products and processes for correcting imbalances. A water test should check the pH level, chlorine level, alkalinity, and mineral content. Of course, if you use a pool service, just ask your provider any questions you may have.

Step 3 – Balance the Chemicals

Follow the directions that your pool store professionals or pool service recommends to correct the chemical levels of your pool. After making adjustments and cleaning the pool, you can take a new sample in for testing to confirm that the water is ready.

Step 4 – Is Everything Clear?

You’re almost ready to dive in, but you’ll want to be sure that the water is crystal clear. Clean the pool daily by running the pump/cleaning system, vacuuming/brushing, and skimming leaves and debris. It may take up to a week to get the water completely clear, depending on how much debris and algae were present.

Step 5 – Get Those Towels Ready

For the rest of the season, stay on top of keeping the pool clean and enjoy your oasis of fun. Ask your builder for a recommended equipment maintenance schedule – unless something needs to be repaired or replaced, major maintenance can be scheduled around your prime swimming season. Grab a cold drink, your sunscreen, and your towel because you’re ready to swim!