Pool vs Landscaping

Beautify your desert oasis and protect your investment

Your personal oasis is your retreat – a place to get away from stress, to kick off your shoes and make a splash, to have carefree fun. To keep your pool looking great and help your pool equipment last as long as possible, consider the surrounding landscaping with care. A little planning before building a pool or refreshing your landscaping can spare you a lot of work and money.

If you’re building a pool . . .

The best way to ensure your pool equipment lasts as long as possible and your pool looks splash-ready is to talk candidly with your pool builder about the overall space and intended usage of your yard. Your builder wants you to be happy with your pool for years to come – they’ll have good recommendations for plants to provide shade, privacy, and drama, but still keep the pool clear of roots, droppings, leaves and berries, and other debris. Together, you can plan a personalized space that matures well.

If you’re sprucing up the yard . . .

Of course, not everyone builds a pool, yard, and home from scratch on an empty lot. Many people buy a house that already has a pool, or they decide to add one to an established yard. The advice is still the same – talk to your pool renovator/builder or landscaper about the space you’ve got to work with and they’ll make recommendations based on experience. If there are plants and trees that you don’t want to move, ask for equipment recommendations and maintenance schedules that will make keeping your pool clean and beautiful easy.

Have you considered . . .

  • Planting for the seasons – even in the desert – creates year-round beauty
  • Potted plants keep color near, but keep debris away
  • Integrated retaining wall planters provide color & transitions
  • Lighting can add extra drama & flair with zero cleanup
  • Avoid when possible: fruit trees & shrubs, pine trees, berry-producing plants, & plants with thorns or barbs – you don’t want bees, other insects, stains, and sharp plants

Whether you’re starting with an empty lot to build a pool or integrating a pool into an established yard, we encourage you to call the Caribbean Pools team today. Together, we can make your vision an inviting, refreshing reality that you’ll enjoy for many years.