Light Up Your Pool’s Night Life

A pool is a fabulous daytime treat. There’s nothing like retreating to your personal oasis to play, relax, and enjoy life. That little slice of perfection fades with the sunset, without the right lighting.

Your pool’s night life can sparkle with creative focal points of light — play with brightness, colors, and features! Whether you want a bright, practical lighting system or one that creates dramatic flare, there’s a system that is just right for your pool.

Standard basic lighting — traditional incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs — isn’t the most exciting option, but it’s the one most people are familiar with. The bulbs are monochromatic, not very bright, and require a filter (usually snap-on) to change color.

LED (light emitting diode) bulbs have made a splash in the pool market. These bulbs are long lasting, though more expensive to replace than traditional lights, offer vivid color options, and can change color without adding filters. LEDs tend to be the brightest option, however you might need more than one fixture to illuminate the whole pool. The bulb is sealed and housed underwater in a niche in the pool wall, connected by a cord to a switch for easy operation. When needed, the bulb can be replaced in about 30 minutes, but sometimes the whole light fixture has to be switched out — simply bring the housing to the surface to change the bulb or fixture.

Fiber optic lighting is the best for dramatic ambient lighting. The actual bulb is housed in a box and the light travels through cables to light the pool — fiber optic systems are terrific for running along the pool’s perimeter edge. Replacing the light source takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require getting wet. Unlike the other lighting options, there are some electrical components that need to be replaced occasionally, adding to overall cost.

Pool lighting technology has come a long way and it’s never been easier to add vibrant splashes of color to your personal oasis. Be sure to ask your pool builder about installation costs, replacement bulbs, maintenance costs, and the advantages or disadvantages to the options available. Of course, we’d be happy to discuss your lighting options – let us show you how we can light up your life today.