It’s Time to Celebrate . . . All Year Long!

Everyone loves a celebration
Choosing the right builder means choosing someone who will be there long after your pool is built. With 20 years in the pool construction business, we have that staying power. At Caribbean Pools, we believe strongly in using the highest quality parts and equipment and employing professional team members (who are licensed and bonded, of course) – our reputation depends on your sense of security and confidence in our ability to build a beautiful pool right the first time. Our pools reflect the unique personalities of our customers and our anniversary special is no exception – we put our creative imaginations to good use to design our anniversary play pool special just for you. The honesty, integrity, and creativity that we value have carried us these past two decades and it’s time to share our excitement with a spectacular splash.

20th Anniversary Pool Special
75’ Perimeter Play Pool $18,995*
Our play pool is the ideal oasis in the desert for all ages and walks of life. From planning to final inspection after cleanup, we’ve planned every detail to make this an easy experience for you. Once the pool is built, we’ll start you out with the basic maintenance information and instructions you’ll need, along with personalized recommendations. Pool details include:

  • Hayward Pool Aquanaut
  • Skimmer
  • Hayward TriStar® VS Pump
  • Hayward C3030 Cartridge Filter
  • 2 LED Lights
  • 250 square foot Acrylic Decking
  • Pebble Sheen
  • FREE Pebble Luminous, Blue Blend

This is the time!
We’ve included the high quality equipment and features that our customers have come to expect and that we want in our own pools. If you’ve been thinking about building a pool, this is the time. Let’s make a splash together to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Call us today!

*Does not apply to homebuilder pools. Sales tax not included.