I Want a Pool . . . Right?

Now is the perfect time to really think about building a pool . . . the weather is a bit cool and the brutal heat of summer is still a few months away. If you’re on the edge of decision, here are some pros and cons of pool ownership to consider.


  • Increase property value with a beautiful, well-maintained pool
  • Our AZ weather is ideal! We have more than the usual 3 months of swim season – it’s closer to 6-9 months
  • Helps battle the oppressive heat of AZ summers (see above – that’s 6-9 months of heat)
  • Brings character and beauty to the yard
  • Low impact exercise
  • Provides convenient activity for kids during school breaks
  • Provides hours of fun, family-building activity, and hours of relaxing peace
  • Makes entertaining fun, easy, and impressive
  • Financing options are available
  • Maintenance can be done by yourself or by a contracted service company



  • Need to know how to swim or be willing to learn
  • Need to keep the pool secure – each municipality has its own laws on securing doors, yards, gates, etc. (we can help navigate that)
  • Might affect homeowners insurance premium
  • Upfront construction cost & maintenance costs
  • Health & safety issues IF not maintained
  • There’s a time-cost in self-maintenance
  • You might be tempted to call in for a personal day if the water looks too inviting


As always, if you have questions, thoughts, or concerns about weighing your options, the consultants at Caribbean Pools are always happy to talk through the process with you. Should you decide to build a personal oasis, be sure to determine your household pool rules, call in personal days at work responsibly, and just enjoy every delicious splash.