Attention Shoppers!

End of season sales are coming!

Despite the continuing triple digit weather, it’s that time of year again – the Halloween displays are popping up in local stores, Christmas decorations are already in stockrooms, and the kids are a month into the new school year. For pool owners, this can only mean one thing:  pool clearance sales are starting!

Now is the time to look for hot deals.

As the summer temperatures wear on, retailers are busy getting their fall and winter merchandise on the floor, and they’re going to start discounting this summer’s fashions, furniture, toys, and equipment. It’s the perfect opportunity for pool owners to snatch up great deals in anticipation of next year’s summer fun. Pick up spare swimming suits to have on hand for the grandkids, grab that awesome cooler float for your poolside drinks, and stock up on pool towels. Keep an eye out for sales on diving rings, water basketball sets, and other fun games, too.

You’ll want to sit and admire the view, too.

Let’s face it:  Arizona has incredible weather, even for those folks who stop swimming when the weather cools off. In addition to toys, towels, and other items of interest, poolside patio furniture and cushions also tend to go on sale once the prime swimming season “ends.” Think how nice it will be to enjoy an afternoon of cool weather, eat a tasty grilled meal, and then watch the sunset glimmer across the pool.

Enjoy the rest of your swimming season, stay safe, and don’t let the sun set on those great deals!