Keep your pool swim ready these easy steps and show that monsoon who’s boss!

The official monsoon season for Arizona runs from June 15th – September 30th. Massive dust storms (haboobs) and heavy rains make the news on a regular basis. Even if you have a pool service, expect to do some storm prep and cleanup — pool services are usually very busy in the first day or two after a storm and bacteria and algae grow exponentially in the summer heat. Savvy pool owners have a short pre-storm and post-storm procedure to keep their pools clean and clear.

The secret to a sparkly pool is preparation and quick cleanup.

Heavy rains can disrupt a pool’s chemical balance, allowing bacteria and algae to thrive, while dirt, debris, and leaves dumped by a haboob can clog vacuums and pumps. To prevent damage to your pool, cool decking, and pool equipment, follow these quick steps:

Before storm hits:

  • Put away umbrellas and pool toys, and secure outdoor furniture. Strong winds are capable of tossing these into your pool or blowing them right out of the neighborhood.
  • IF you have a mesh cover, cover the pool. This will prevent the majority of debris and dust from blowing into the pool during the storm. Please note:  A solid cover will get swamped and possibly damage your pool, so skip this if you don’t have a mesh cover.
  • If flooding is likely, turn the electricity to the pump equipment off until the storm is over.

After the storm:

  • Skim the surface debris and vacuum the pool as soon as possible.
  • Check pool filter operation.
  • Check filter baskets and empty as needed (at least twice a day during cleanup).
  • Test the water. You may need to shock the pool to speed up the rebalancing act.
  • Brush the pool.
  • Run the pool pump overnight to give it plenty of time to filter out fine particles.
  • Test the water again before your next swim.


When that first storm hits this season, you can enjoy the awesome spectacle without worry. Let the dust blow! You’ve got a plan.