Paws & Pools

Helpful Tips for Dog Owners As the outside temperature heads toward triple-digits, everyone in the family looks forward to splashing in a cool pool, and our furry pets are no exception. Whether your dog loves the water or wants nothing to do with it, we have a few tips to help keep your pet safe and your pool sparkly. Pets vs Chemicals? Surprisingly, there isn’t much research available on the effects of dogs on pool [...]

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Off Season Pool Care Tips

Here in the desert Southwest, we have the good fortune of mild winters. Even when the temperatures become chilly, our outdoor living and entertainment options are downright amazing. Pool owners have an interesting choice to make during the mild winter months – how to continue to enjoy that relaxing oasis? Our weather allows us to enjoy poolside entertainment, even if the water is a bit cool for swimming. Of course, many owners opt to install [...]

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