Costs, Savings, & You

Time is Money: Should You DIY or Hire a Pool Maintenance Service? Pools, like many things worth having, require some basic attention and have costs measured in time and money. Before building a pool, it’s a good idea to think about how you plan to spend your time and money on maintenance – this exercise can help inform your building plan and ensure that you protect the investment in your property for years to come. [...]

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Protect Yourself & Protect Your Pool

Combat the Effects of Sunscreen & Tanning Oil Welcome to the dog days of summer! Even though school is starting back up throughout most of the Valley and everyone is returning from vacations, swim season is pressing on. Our summer is seemingly never-ending – even October will see average temperatures in the 86-92º range. With all that sunshine left, there’s no reason to close down your pool just yet. Make a splash, keep yourself protected [...]

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The Polar Plunge Isn’t For Everyone

Warm Up to Heated Winter Swimming Outdoor adventurers, snowbirds, and local residents love the mild winters here in the Valley, but even mild winter nights can see overnight low temperatures near freezing. Extended periods of nippy nighttime lows keep pool water chillier than most people enjoy, Polar Plunge enthusiasts aside. It’s a relief to many pool owners to discover that the weather doesn’t need to dictate the swimming season - pools are meant to be [...]

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I Want a Pool . . . Right?

Now is the perfect time to really think about building a pool . . . the weather is a bit cool and the brutal heat of summer is still a few months away. If you’re on the edge of decision, here are some pros and cons of pool ownership to consider. Pros Increase property value with a beautiful, well-maintained pool Our AZ weather is ideal! We have more than the usual 3 months of swim [...]

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Entertaining Through the Holidays

The chill of winter is in the air, but there’s no reason to stop enjoying your pool. Backyard entertaining can be a sparkling, crisp joy, no matter how many guests decide to take a dip. We have a few tips for making the most of your pool this holiday season. Heat is the key! From water temperature to foods you serve, turning up the heat is the way to go. We highly recommend adding a [...]

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What to Expect When You’re Building a Dream

The basic phases of building a pool, from first thought to the big opening splash. Whether you’ve just moved to the Valley of the Sun and decided you can’t make it through summer without a pool or you’ve lived here for years and envied the neighbors’ pool parties, there’s no time like the present to build your own oasis in the desert. While it’s best to leave the actual building to the professionals, here’s a [...]

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Attention Shoppers!

End of season sales are coming! Despite the continuing triple digit weather, it’s that time of year again – the Halloween displays are popping up in local stores, Christmas decorations are already in stockrooms, and the kids are a month into the new school year. For pool owners, this can only mean one thing:  pool clearance sales are starting! Now is the time to look for hot deals. As the summer temperatures wear on, retailers [...]

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It’s Raining? Don’t Worry!

The monsoon is in full swing around the Valley, and is as unpredictable as usual – dumping an inch or more rain in a short time in some locations and leaving other areas bone dry. Whether your pool gets a light sprinkle or a heavy downpour, we’d like to put your mind at ease. How much rain is too much? While rain is acidic, a small amount is usually no problem at all for a [...]

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Monsoon Season is Here!

Keep your pool swim ready these easy steps and show that monsoon who’s boss! The official monsoon season for Arizona runs from June 15th - September 30th. Massive dust storms (haboobs) and heavy rains make the news on a regular basis. Even if you have a pool service, expect to do some storm prep and cleanup — pool services are usually very busy in the first day or two after a storm and bacteria and [...]

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Pool vs Landscaping

Beautify your desert oasis and protect your investment Your personal oasis is your retreat – a place to get away from stress, to kick off your shoes and make a splash, to have carefree fun. To keep your pool looking great and help your pool equipment last as long as possible, consider the surrounding landscaping with care. A little planning before building a pool or refreshing your landscaping can spare you a lot of work [...]

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