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Monsoon Season is Here!

Keep your pool swim ready these easy steps and show that monsoon who’s boss! The official monsoon season for Arizona runs from June 15th - September 30th. Massive dust storms (haboobs) and heavy rains make the news on a regular basis. Even if you have a pool service, expect to do some storm prep and cleanup — pool services are usually very busy in the first day or two after a storm and bacteria and [...]

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Pool vs Landscaping

Beautify your desert oasis and protect your investment Your personal oasis is your retreat – a place to get away from stress, to kick off your shoes and make a splash, to have carefree fun. To keep your pool looking great and help your pool equipment last as long as possible, consider the surrounding landscaping with care. A little planning before building a pool or refreshing your landscaping can spare you a lot of work [...]

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Spring Swim Check-up!

Get Your Pool Swim-Ready in 5 Easy Steps As the weather warms up, it’s tempting to jump right in – though the Valley of the Sun is known for mild winters, pool owners are still wise to do a little Spring Cleaning before taking that first dip. Our 5 easy steps will have your pool swim-ready in plenty of time to beat those triple-digit temperatures that are just around the corner. Step 1 - Visual [...]

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It’s Time to Celebrate . . . All Year Long!

Everyone loves a celebration Choosing the right builder means choosing someone who will be there long after your pool is built. With 20 years in the pool construction business, we have that staying power. At Caribbean Pools, we believe strongly in using the highest quality parts and equipment and employing professional team members (who are licensed and bonded, of course) – our reputation depends on your sense of security and confidence in our ability to [...]

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Light Up Your Pool’s Night Life

A pool is a fabulous daytime treat. There’s nothing like retreating to your personal oasis to play, relax, and enjoy life. That little slice of perfection fades with the sunset, without the right lighting. Your pool’s night life can sparkle with creative focal points of light — play with brightness, colors, and features! Whether you want a bright, practical lighting system or one that creates dramatic flare, there’s a system that is just right for [...]

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How to Pick a Pool Builder in 3 Easy Steps

There you are, imagining the perfect poolside barbecue, watching the sunlight play across the water in your mind’s eye. To realize that dream, you need to find the right pool builder who understands your vision and won’t fleece you in the process. Pick a builder easily by following these three steps: Step 1:  Do Your Due Diligence In addition to asking for references, there are important questions to ask. How many pools has the builder [...]

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Which Pool is the Right Pool?

In the article 10 Things to Consider Before Building a Pool, we stated that building a pool is a commitment and listed important considerations. The first question – why do I want a pool? – is just the beginning. To figure out which pool is the right pool for your home, you need to answer a few more questions:  who’s going to use the pool, how will the pool really be used, and how is [...]

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10 Things to Consider Before Building a Pool

Building a pool is a commitment. Like any other remodeling project or major purchase, building a pool requires some planning before any actual construction takes place. To be sure that installing a pool is the right choice for you, consider a few things: Why do I want a pool? Do you want to do laps before work every morning? Do you have kids on a swim team needing to practice diving? Do you have kids [...]

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How Pools Increase Property Values

One of the biggest questions a homeowner typically asks when considering whether or not to build a pool is how their home’s value will be affected -- it’s an important question, no matter what budget you’ve got to work within. While the answer depends a great deal on the state in which the home is located, it’s safe to say that Arizona property owners have the advantage over the rest of the country. 3 Important [...]

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